The Sugarsnap All-in-One

The Sugarsnap all-in-one was developed with the aim of being super trim but highly absorbent, and puts a premium on comfort and ease of use. Our rolled elastics are extra gentle on squishy little thighs, and the pocket opening allows you to tuck the inner inside, so that poop spraying is as easy as can be, with no flaps falling about. The inner’s length allows you to customise the fold to have maximum layers in the wetzone, and the pocket opening makes boosting easy if you have a heavy wetter.

We have sourced a high quality cotton fleece from a local mill, and we have our PUL manufactured especially for us with prints that were lovingly designed by various local artists, after which it is all sewn together by hand in a socially conscious factory in Johannesburg. We want to make cloth diapering easy, sustainable and beautiful, and we want you to enjoy every step of the way with us!


How do I wash my nappies?

No soaking, no sterilising. Except for night nappies (which need a good, warm rinse straight off the bum) and poop nappies (which get sprayed off), nappies go directly into a well-ventilated laundry basket in a cool room. Washday starts with a nappy-only rinse cycle. After this you may add extra towels or clothing in order to get the drum to ¾ full – with a toploader, aim for a soupy consistency. Now do a long wash (cotton or fuzzy cycle) with the maximum recommended amount of your regular detergent. Line dry (making sure that PUL is in the shade) or tumble dry on low. Avoid using fabric softener or special baby detergent. 

If any stink issues develop due to ammonia build up, your nappies will need to be stripped and your washing routine tweaked in order to avoid reoccurence. There is a fantastic online community, South African Cloth Nappy Users, whose Facebook page can help you with troubleshooting.



Solids get knocked directly into the toilet and flushed away. The easiest way to deal with this is installing a bidet sprayer next to your toilet, purchasable from a hardware store and diy installed. Many people find that laying a loose fleece liner inside the nappy makes poop easier to spray off, and this also helps baby to feel dry.


How many do I need?

To wash every second day, 20 nappies are adequate. To wash every third day, 30 nappies will do fine. This allows for drying time and packing away, while still having enough in the drawer to head on outings.


What about daycare?

Many parents send cloth to daycare, and our all-in-one is specifically designed to be easy for carers to put on. Simply tuck the inner into the back pocket, and the nappy is put on like a disposable.  Caretakers could plop the poop into the loo or roll the entire soiled nappy closed in the same way they would a disposable, and send this home in a wetbag.  Mom can then spray the soiled nappy at home and follow the normal wash routine.  It is no more effort for the school than disposables.


Can I use bumcream?

No bumcream is necessary when using cloth nappies. Some moms prefer to use natural, cloth-safe bumbalms such as coconut oil or beeswax based products. Bumcreams containing zinc should be kept away from cloth as this will negatively impact the absorption of the nappy. If a non-cloth safe cream is required, a fleece-liner should be placed between baby’s bum and the nappy.